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Your support allows us to be able to bring opera to Hartford audiences.

If you are not currently a donor please consider supporting Hartford Opera Theater, Inc.

by making a donation today. Thank You! 


DIVA {$500-$999}

MAESTRO {$1000+}

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation

CHORUS {$100-$249}


Peter Brainard

Matthew & Charity Clark

Chandler Howard

Noelle Karnolt

Joanne Lawson

Shirley Leong

Phillip Martin

Robert O’Brien

Bruce Rabbino

Linda Rankin

Mary Lou Wadsworth

William Wadsworth

Robert Barefield

Carly Callahan

Donna Cote

Rosemary Deming

Lynn Fitzgerald

George Lowell

Eileen O’Brien

Susan Orred

Jessica Roy

David Russell

Joe Treggor

COMPRIMARIO {$250-$499}

Tom Dorer

Michael and Sally Levin

FRIEND {up to $49}

Benjamin and Rachel Abrams

Polly Carvillie

Cathryn Cummings

Michelle Fiertek

Martha Knutson Child

Abigail Krawson

Shuying Lee

Manuella Friedman

Carlo Magno

Kate McNotty

Lisabeth Miller

Susan Mortha

Brenda Murphy

Loretta Archer Murray

Jason Myrowitz

Jessica Rudman

Bridget and Stephen Scarlato

Rose Mary Stewart

Rachel Witkege


DIVA {$500-$999}

MAESTRO {$1000+}

COMPRIMARIO {$250-$499}

FRIEND {up to $49}

Rachel & Ben Abrams

Karen & Jerry Benjamin

Kate & Jeff Carpenter

The Domijian Family

Maggie & Chris Essex

Shirley M.

Helen Neumann

Jessica & Jeffrey Rudman

United Way


DIVA {$500-$999}


Nancy & Don Clark

George & Marcia Lowell

Relay Connecticut

MAESTRO {$1000+}

Liberty Bank

COMPRIMARIO {$250-$499}

Matt & Charity Clark

Carly Callahan

James and Amy Jane Cohen

Farmington Rotary Foundation

Katharine & Gabriel Miller

Kumi Sato

Pat & Nannie Brown

Peter B. Brainard

CHORUS {$100-$249}


Ron & Joanie Abrams

Dr. Robert Alexander & Ms. Penny Murphy

Virginia Allen

Robert Barefield

Karen S. Cook

Emily Dunn

Michelle & Andrew Fiertek

Diane & Chris Fisher

Mary Hodge

George Lowell

Bruce Rabbino

Linda Reynolds

Larry & Gail Shapiro

Liam Wade

Judith & David Wolfson


Irene E. Engel

Margo Lynn Hablutzel

Michele & Frank Gorman

Kenneth & Ruth Jacobson

Andrew Kippur

Brenda Murphy & George Monteiro

Leslie Lowell Schienfeld

Donna & Marc Smith

Eleanor Sulston

Raymond Tubbs & George Soppelsa

Ruth Yancovich


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