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Your support allows us to be able to bring opera to Hartford audiences.

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DIVA {$500-$999}

MAESTRO {$1000+}

COMPRIMARIO {$250-$499}

CHORUS {$100-$249}


FRIEND {up to $49}



DIVA {$500-$999}


Nancy & Don Clark

George & Marcia Lowell

Relay Connecticut

MAESTRO {$1000+}

Liberty Bank

COMPRIMARIO {$250-$499}

Matt & Charity Clark

Carly Callahan

James and Amy Jane Cohen

Farmington Rotary Foundation

Katharine & Gabriel Miller

Kumi Sato

Pat & Nannie Brown

Peter B. Brainard

CHORUS {$100-$249}


Ron & Joanie Abrams

Dr. Robert Alexander & Ms. Penny Murphy

Virginia Allen

Robert Barefield

Karen S. Cook

Emily Dunn

Michelle & Andrew Fiertek

Diane & Chris Fisher

Mary Hodge

George Lowell

Bruce Rabbino

Linda Reynolds

Larry & Gail Shapiro

Liam Wade

Judith & David Wolfson


FRIEND {up to $49}

Irene E. Engel

Margo Lynn Hablutzel

Michele & Frank Gorman

Kenneth & Ruth Jacobson

Andrew Kippur

Brenda Murphy & George Monteiro

Leslie Lowell Schienfeld

Donna & Marc Smith

Eleanor Sulston

Raymond Tubbs & George Soppelsa

Ruth Yancovich


Rachel & Ben Abrams

Karen & Jerry Benjamin

Kate & Jeff Carpenter

The Domijian Family

Maggie & Chris Essex

Shirley M.

Helen Neumann

Jessica & Jeffrey Rudman

United Way