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March 16, 2017

Artistic & Executive Director, Lisabeth Miller was kind enough to sit down with me and answer some questions on where Hartford Opera Theater began and how we have arrived where we are today. 

R: Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with me to let our fans know more about the history of the company. Please tell us about the history of Hartford Opera Theater! 

L: I was not involved in Hartford Opera Theater from the very beginning so some of this is anecdotal.  I know the people who founded it, and from what I understand, the idea...

January 15, 2017

In programming our 2016-2017 season our staff spent a lot of time reflecting on who we are as a company and what we can bring to the artistic community in Connecticut. Our slogan for several years has been "Opera for everyone" and this season we are putting our money where our proverbial mouth is. Our 16-17 season is about inclusion, community, freedom, communication, and giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. The idea behind our blog is to bring our audiences into the fold and help us promote love, understanding and acti...

January 10, 2017

The HOT Blog! Keep up with all of the latest information about Hartford Opera Theater right here. Ever wonder how a production comes together or what is going on behind the scenes, this is your ticket to all the action.

Join us here every Sunday for our new Spotlight Series. We will feature a different artist every week. Find out what your favorite singers, composers, directors and designers are up to and where else you can see their work. 

 Photo - Shelly Dexter - 3AM Blues by Kam Morrill -  New in November 2012 

 Photo Credit - Kim Bova

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Spotlight Sunday Feature - Elliot Yokum and Sarah Florence Barker

November 2, 2019

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