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HAVING GUESTS FOR DINNER - Music by Nick Bentz and Libretto by Robert Ellsworth Feng

Conductor: Alexander Patrie

Director: Chris Baker

Pianist: Stephen Scarlato

Laura: Olivia Wallace

Marcus: Chao Ma

Christoph: Davis Martin



THE SECRET LIFE OF SIRI - Music and Libretto by Luisa Matthynssens⁣

Conductor: Sarah Kaufold

Director: Scott Giguere

Pianist: Gay Chun

Alexa: Lisa Williamson

Woman: Lindsay Cabaniss

Siri: Hannah Shanefield

Male Siri: Michael Gonzalez

Man: Miles Wilson-Toliver

these wings are meant to fly - Music by Steven Serpa and Libretto by Zac Kline

Conductor: John Hart

Director: Hannah Simms

Pianist: John Cuk

Soloist: Jacob Boergesson

chorus of Text Messages: Ellie McCormick, Grace Mittleman,

Christopher Gallerani, Jermaine Woodard Jr.

THE TOTAL SPIRITUAL - Music by Beth Ratay and Libretto by Rich Orloff

Conductor: Brian Jones

Director: Michelle Ong-Hendrick

Pianist: Blake Hansen

Applicant: Emily Rose Walsh

Interviewer: Kate Callahan-Hardman

Bucket Brigade: Madison Ruta


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