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“Beware of Artists. They mix with all classes of society and therefore are the most dangerous.” - Sen. Joseph McCarthy


The Crucible written by Arthur Miller draws parallels between the Red Scare in 1950s America and the Salem Witch Trials. This allegory showed the irrational fears brought forth by rejecting something or someone you do not understand. Innocent people were unfairly accused and imprisoned because of their beliefs. The Crucible is just as relevant sixty years later. 


We stand at a crossroads filled with fear mongering media outlets and politicians painting the world with images of hate and xenophobic rhetoric. Deciding whether or not to be consumed by the panic that surrounds us is not an easy task. In the 1950s, communication had taken giant steps forward through the use of newspapers, radio, propaganda posters and the novelty of television. Today, we are more connected than ever — both to our devices and to each other. Big Brother is everywhere. If something happens on the other side of the planet, we find out within minutes. Instant gratification has led to high anxiety and conditions ripe for history to repeat itself. 


This production examines the story through the lens of McCarthy Era America. The show is entirely in grey scale. We are trying to capture the essence of a 1950s black and white television broadcast. The show beings organized and minimal on stage but as the opera progresses — organization turns to chaos. The influence of media becomes stronger and stronger and they create their own hell of fear and insecurity. 


Thank you to Andrew, Erik and everyone at the Wadsworth Atheneum for your help and hospitality. Special thanks to our designers - Damian Dominguez, Martina Rodriguez and Cazmir Bzydra for bringing this vision to life. It has truly been a pleasure to work with you. Thank you to my team - Caitlin & Meredith who went above and beyond the call of duty the entire process.  My partner-in-crime, Joe Hodge who is not only a great creative force but a post-it connoisseur. Thank you to our cast and everyone at Hartford Opera Theater for this wonderful experience. 


Kristy Chambrelli

Associate Artistic Director

Hartford Opera Theater

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