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Tender Tand Tuesday - Schauntice Marshall

It's Tuesday! Today, we are featuring soprano, Schauntice Marshall who will be playing the role of Mrs. Jenks in The Tender Land. If you don't have your tickets yet, head over to The Tender Land page and click buy tickets. We want to see you on June 2 & 4 at the Aetna Theater! Check back here later this week for more exciting announcements!

The Washington, D.C. soprano, Schauntice Marshall, has a golden gift to touch and warm your heart, and has a refreshing sense of wholeness for the spirit and soul. After graduating from Ellington School of the Arts, Schauntice pursued her studies at Shenandoah University – Conservatory, and completed her graduate professional diploma in voice at the Hartt School. She is the soprano soloist at Asylum Hill Congregational Church, and can be seen in various halls in churches in the area. Her roles include: Amahl from Amahl and the Night Visitors, Susanna from Le Nozze di Figaro, Zerlina in Don Giovanni, Baby Doe in The Ballad of Baby Doe, Yum Yum in The Mikado, and recently performed the role of Oberto from Alcina. Schauntice stepped into the role of Tituba from the Crucible for her first performance with HOT last year and is pleased to offer the role of Mrs. Jenks in HOT's production of The Tender Land this year.

Here is what Schauntice had to say about "opera without borders" -

Imagine being an urban inner-city youth growing up Washington, DC never hearing about this type of music. Classical music, what? Now image being exposed to classical music, opera specifically, and being told how these stories are created and why the character is expressed in this way. How they are similar to the books your read or life around you. Finding a way to make it more personal and relatable to your audience. Then physically imagine yourself as the character in the story. My first exposure to opera was breath taking and I hold on to that experience every time I step on stage. Opera Without Borders lets me share a gift with all walks of life for people who have never experienced it, and my father is a great example. It is nice to know that as I explained the plot and added the vocal components he was in awe of what I could do and enjoyed the show so much more. Fast forward to today, it becomes rewarding to share that same experience with youth who are exposed to the style of music or those who are not aware that a person like them can learn this amazing art.

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