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Spotlight Sunday - Nikita Mallach

We are less than a week from opening night and things are moving and grooving over here! We loaded The Tender Land into the Aetna Theater at the Wadsworth Atheneum this week and are excited to bring this to an audience. If you do not have your tickets yet you can visit The Tender Land page on our website or take advantage of the special discounts being offered throughout the week at Today Tix! Today, our featured artist is actress, Nikita Mallach. Niki is playing the role of Beth this Friday & Sunday.

Nikita Mallach is a Junior at Conard High and American School for the Deaf. She loves sports and acting. Nikita has been involved in the Cridders shows annually since 2014. She has also participated in the National Theater of the Deaf’s Theater Immersion Program. She had been involved with some productions in both schools. Nikita loves to make theater come to life. If none of the above applies, you can find Nikita in her room and dreaming of wanting to be a pink elephant.

Here is what Niki had to say about "opera without borders" -

I was raised to love theater and it is because I was raised in a deaf family. Our sign language and our movements bring out the best in me. I have a passion for music. I can hear because I have hearing aids, but that didn't stop me from performing and speaking. And although I can hear a little, I still refer to myself as a deaf person. I understand silence and sound in both deaf and hearing worlds and this really brings out my ability to understand the world we live in and theater. Just because I was born without the ability to hear music doesn't mean I can't use it to express emotion. We can bridge the gap between theater, music and the deaf world. There's no stopping me from doing what I love to do. There are NOT limitations to be what I want to be except for an invisible line that needs to be broken down to allow the two worlds to collide. This show is really important because it shows the beginnings of barriers being broken down. It shows that there are no more lines.

We will have our last cast feature on Tuesday. Make sure to check back!

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