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Hartford Opera Theater, Inc. is dedicated to enriching the lives of all members of the Greater Hartford community by offering quality, innovative, and affordable opera. Our organization commits itself to keeping the genre of opera relevant for patrons and artists through the presentation of productions that are both culturally topical and true to opera as an art form. We foster a safe environment in which emerging and established artists can feel free to collaborate and create. In addition, HOT promotes arts education and appreciation by providing free outreach programs to members of our community. At HOT, we believe that all people deserve to experience the beauty and total art that is opera. Hartford Opera Theater - Opera for Everyone.


We at Hartford Opera Theater believe that the freedom of artistic expression can connect us to others, give voice to our human complexity, and move us toward truth and justice. This drives our commitment to a radically inclusive and welcoming model for collaboration, advocating for artistic innovation, and accessibility to all communities, in welcoming venues, and through affordable ticket prices.


We commit to:


  • Reflecting in our work, company leadership, and casting, the diverse community of Greater Hartford, with particular attention to BIPOC and LGBTQ communities and persons with disabilities.

  • Creating a company culture of inclusion, support, and equity.

  • Celebrating the creative, artistic, and influential work of our artists.

  • Collaborating with local arts organizations to develop a regional community connection Connecting with our community so that the art we make is the art you want to see.

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