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New music and fresh perspectives growing in Hartford
Images from NIN 9 • November 18, 2018
Photographs by Kim Bova Photography
7:00 PM
Christ Church Cathedral - Cathedral House
45 Church Street
Hartford, Connecticut

New in November 10 is sponsored by the Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation and the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.


Hartford Opera Theater’s New in November festival was established in 2010 with a two-fold mission: to seek out and encourage contemporary opera composers and to create an opportunity for the community to experience performances of these new works. Each year, a committee reviews a competitive pool of submissions and selects 4-6 10 minute operas to create an evening of short operatic vignettes. The preparation for New in November is reminiscent of a 24 hour play festival in that the operas are brought from "page to stage" in a condensed and intense period. Once rehearsals begin, we assemble artists from many disciplines: singers, pianists, composers, directors, and conductors who collaborate to make New in November a fun and thought-provoking evening.



** This year's New in November 10 contains adult themes.

Viewing recommended for ages 16 and up.**




Biennale - Music by Paul Richards and Libretto by Wendy Steiner

Conductor: Jaimie Lapine

Director: Hannah Simms

Pianist: Mark Ceppetelli


Caterina: Olivia Wallace

Kate: Jennifer Brevik

Sandro: Evan Rizvi

Shakespeare: Phillip Fisherman


The Séance - Music by Timothy Peterson and Libretto by Sara Fetherolf

Conductor: Brian Jones

Director: Christopher Baker

Pianist: Stephen Scarlato


Voice of the Dead: Hannah Roemhild

Mrs. Foster: Teryn Kuzma

Medium: Charity Clark

Mr. Foster: Taka Komagata

Mr. More: Ryan Burns


Opera Kardashian - Music by Dana Kaufman and Libretto by Tom Swift

Conductor: John Hart

Director: Julia Rosenblatt

Pianist: Kamilla Mammedova


Caitlyn Jenner: Paxton Gillespie

Kim Kardashian: Vanessa Pare

Twitterati 1: Madison Ruta

Twitterati 2: Madison Finke

Twitterati 3: Cameron Cintron

Starsong - Music by Elliot Yokum and Libretto by Sarah Barker

Conductor: Sarah Kaufold

Director: Michelle Hendrick

Pianist: Cihan Yucel


the Girl: Lisa Williamson

the Star: Nadia Aguilar

Mother: Kate Callahan Hardman

A Womb with a View - Music by Beth Ratay and Libretto by Rich Orloff

Conductor: Dan D'Addio

Director: Moira O'Sullivan

Pianist: Mijin Choi


New Kid: Katelyn Lewis

Supervisor: Emily Rose Walsh

Assistant A: Sarah Himmelstein

Assistant B: Rachel Abrams

Technician: Madelyn Stewich


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